Feedback and complaints information

The Bridge wants participants to feel happy and safe and is committed to providing opportunities for feedback about the services you receive. Feedback, suggestions and complaints are all ways of supporting us to improve our service provision and meet your expectations. If your feedback is in the form of a complaint we will advise you to follow our complaints resolution procedure. We encourage you to talk directly to staff at The Bridge to see if we can resolve your concerns. You can involve support from person/s of your choice including parents, partner, friend, advocate and, where required, an interpreter. We will make every effort to create an atmosphere of open communication and trust during the process.

This Rights poster also explains about other agencies you may contact if you do not wish to speak directly to our staff about an issue concerning you, including an external whistleblower agency (Stopline) and the NDIS Commission (NDIS participants only).

You can read our Complaints Resolution Policy here.