Our point of difference

Although we have competitors providing very similar services, at The Bridge Works we pride ourselves on providing that little bit extra. We call them our points of difference, and here is what sets us apart from our competitors:

  1. In House Jig Design and Manufacturer
    Our in-house jig designer and manufacturer can produce assembly jigs in a short period of time and at very low cost to our customers. These jigs not only increase the productivity of workers but also ensure that our quality standards are maintained.
  2. Quality committed – ‘Innovative Competitive Quality’
    Through the appropriate education, training and supervision of our team members, we ensure high quality standards are monitored and maintained. In addition, regular quality audits are undertaken with an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.
  3. Social/Shared values
    We believe in creating a win-win situation based on integrity for your business and ours. By partnering with The Bridge Works, you "give back" by contributing to the strength and growth of the community and increase meaningful employment opportunities. Many of our current customers contribute to their Triple Bottom Line by engaging The Bridge Works to meet their project requirements.
  4. Provision of supervised workgroups to industry
    We are also able to provide work groups to your work place for overflow or ongoing work in a controlled and supervised manner. This benefits both your organisation and ours in many ways.